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Why you need to Buy Used Alternator from us?

Car Alternators do not cause a significant problem, but if it does then replacing them is the only option. Buy the used alternator at craft auto parts. We are a reliable solution of find the right used alternator part for your vehicle. We sell only original products because we know the value of good quality. Find the right-fitted part for the vehicle at the best prices and home delivery services of the product without extra cost.

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Find used Alternator from 2.5 Kva to 125 Kva  whichever one you are finding for your four-wheeler car all the varieties are present at the single space for our customers convenience. Place order just by contacting us or  consult to our mechanical engineers for query. 

Products that are available on craft auto parts are available at the range of affordable ranges and discounts than the other automotive sellers. Search through the range of affordable products and keep your vehicle running smoothly on the road for the long run.

Only and only the original products are available at the craft auto parts from the same production line of the brand to save you from any fraud in the name of the original product. Our products are checked by the experts before shipment and only the original product is delivered to your doorstep.

Used Alternator

An alternator with an alternating force converts mechanical energy to electric energy then the stator and stator and alternator which is present inside the alternator works as a magnet and rotates to produce the alternating current. And then that alternating current uses to charge the battery. Without Alternator a vehicle does not work for too long. Trouble while starting, battery failure,  dim or overly bright light, slow accessories works, Growling noise, and smell of rubber burning indicate an alternator failure. Buy used Alternators if facing such issues.

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Types of Car Alternators


Alternators are identified in many ways based on the applications and based on the applications. based on the application there are five types of alternators and based on the designs alternators are divided into two categories which are mentioned below.

Smooth Cylindrical

Smooth cylindrical is designed for steam turbine-driven Alternator. It is made up of solid steel cylinder slot attachments at regular intervals. These slots can produce 1800 rpm and serve as motor windings.

Salient Pole

The salient Pole alternator consists of projecting poles mounting over a heavy magnetic wheel of steel and iron. These Salient pole alternators have shorter axles which are larger in diameter.

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