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Why you need to Buy Used Axle from us?

Get the best deals on the purchase of a used car axle at craft auto parts. We are one of the certified and reputed sellers of used auto parts in the US with a good building relationship with the customers. We tend to do beyond our customer’s basic needs. We provide the best possible services to keep our clients happy. With our years of experience and services, we make strong relationships with our customers. 

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Craft auto parts the supplier of used car axle of various part from front to rear axle. For the convenience of our consumers, all of the types are available in one location, depending on what you are looking for in a vehicle. Simply contact us to place an order, or speak with one of our mechanical engineers. 

Products sold by craft auto parts are much more reasonably priced and offer discounts compared to those offered by other car dealers. Explore the selection of relatively affordable items to keep your car in top driving condition for the long term.

To protect you from any fraud in the name of an original product, only and only the original products from the same production line of the brand are offered at craft auto parts. Before shipping, our products are examined by professionals, and only the original product is delivered to your door.

Used Car Axle

Axles are necessary for almost every aspect of vehicle use, Axles are used for braking, steering, and driving. The function of a used car axle is to transfer power and torque from the engine to the wheels of a vehicle. During this process, the axle can sustain the entire vehicle’s weight and must be able to bear the force of braking and fast driving. Axles have to sustain such tremendous heavyweight so they need to be robust and of good quality.

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Types of Used Car Axle

Front Axle

Front Car Axle is placed on the front side of the vehicle it supports the front wheel of the vehicle, and the front wheel is mounted on it. Front Axle is generally made in the middle portion of the front section and at the end of the circular/ elliptical.

Rear Axle

The rear axle is placed between the driving wheel and the differential. It is a place vehicle which is rear wheel drive. Rear Axle transmit power to the driving wheel from the differential part of the vehicle. Bearing is also provided on the rear axle.

Stub Axle

Stub axles are generally used in the front wheel of the vehicle. Stub and wheels are connected to each other by the means of kingship. Stub Axle is made up of nickel and alloy steel.  It turns on the pinpoint that eases the driving process.

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