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Why do you need to Buy a Used Battery from us?

Despite the fact that batteries can survive for up to five years with adequate care, most automotive batteries lose their effectiveness after three years of regular use under normal circumstances because of quality issues. At Craft auto parts, all the brands and models of batteries are available you can find the battery that best meets your needs right here! We are the top supplier of auto batteries and have a wide range of networks. 

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Craft auto parts sell a range of long-running used Batteries of various brands and models. All the products are originally branded used car battery. Craft auto parts are one the top supplier of used car batteries  with hundreds of satisfied costumes.

Used battery for sale for almost half of the price range instead of new battery but you can relay on the  durability of used car battery because it functions as the brand new battery. So, If you are searching for a car battery that too at reasonable priced, then your search ends here.

Craft auto parts is the most reliable and affordable seller to buy any used auto part in the auto motive industry. We do not compromise with the quality just to sell the product at lower price. We sell the high-quality products with the most reasonable amount.

Used Car Battery


A car battery is essential for the most important functions of a vehicle. Car battery stores chemical energy that helps to start the engine. Rather than an engine starter battery also starts the car’s ignition system. A battery transfer energy to the alternator. A modern battery absorbs some of the excessive sparks that other parts may generate. Battery sustains the car’s energy. if you carry any additional accessories then a healthy battery is needed in a vehicle. At craft, you get an excellent-conditioned used car battery at the most affordable price.

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Types of Used Car Battery

SLI Batteries

Most of the vehicle on the road comes up with Starting Lightning and ignition Batteries or short SLI Batteries. SLI Battery powers all electronics like interior and exterior lights, infotainment system etc. except for starting the car. SLI Battery has a very short charge cycle. This type of batteries used for short power bursts of time. 

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries are most commonly used in PHEVs and are more expensive than conventional lead- Acid Battery. Hybrid or electric vehicles use Lithium-Ion batteries. As compared to other batteries Lithium-Ion holds more charge. Another plus point of Lithium-Ion batteries they are lighter in weight than others.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-Acid batteries are low maintenance. Unlike the others, lead batteries can not be serviced just because they are sealed. Lead- Acid Battery can only to changed or replaced. These batteries are short busts power batteries and can only power the starter motor.
















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