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Why you need to Buy Used Differential from us?

Used differential for better performance of vehicle speed.  Genuine & best quality Used differential at Craft Auto parts with the most amazing prices. Guarantee of the product’s solid quality and effective functionality with 100% safe and secured delivery services. Buy the used differential from a certified seller of used auto parts in the US, established in 2015 and working remarkably in the Automotive market. 

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Many options of Used differential of every car to get the right one without the hustle. All the categories of differentials to select from whether its open locking limited or torque- vectoring. All the options are available at just one step away to make a easiest and convenient purchase. 

If any online store is known for its affordable yet genuine products in the automotive market then it must be craft auto part because when the products come straight from the junkyard to the customers without the interference of many middlemen to save the additional unnecessary cost.

If you are in search of used differential yet with the amazing functionality and don't want to stuck into any fraud and scheme in the name of original fake used car product then we are here to with all the solutions. We are the most reputed for the quality of our products. 

Used car Differential

The differential allows different drive wheels on the same axle to rotate at different speeds while turning the car. The wheels at which power of the power are commanded to deliver. A differential is also the component through which the direction of the rotation driveshaft can change. A vehicle with four-wheel may have two or more differentials.  A broken differential may occur vibration and binding during turns and produces clunking and howling sounds. if you are facing such problems then replace it with a genuine used car differential.

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Types of Used Car Differential

Open Differential

Open Differential is the most common type of differential. Open differential is most commonly found in family Sedans and economy cars. The open differential is  splits the engine torque between two and this process allow the wheel to rotate at different speed.

Locking / Limited Slip

Locking Differential connects the wheels so that they can go at the same speed. Limited-slip Differential  found in sports cars acts as an open differential by default.  Once the wheel loses traction then it acts as locking differential which cause more traction and control on the road. 


Torque-vectoring differential  performs basic differential tasks with additional gear trains. The torque-vectoring differential acts as fine tune the amount of torque which is delivered to each wheel. This torque transferring improves handling and traction in any situation.

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