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Why you need to Buy Used Gear Box from us?

Used Car gearbox for sale! if you are searching for a used car gearbox, then your search ends here. We are the top supplier of used auto parts and have a wide range of used gearboxes. So, you can easily find your perfectly fitted gearbox here! Craft auto parts sell a used gearbox for almost all four-wheeler vehicles and by the used gearbox, we don’t mean that we compromise the quality but a product like the new one in the condition but at half of the price range which is affordable to your pocket and good for you vehicle.  

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We are a one-stop solution to buy quality Used gear box on the most affordable budget. The prices of our products are set as the most reasonable as per the quality of our products because in our process of selling there is no middleman cost our products come straight from the junkyards.

We sell products of different varieties or ranges available at a single spot and select the best and the right fitted used headlight. We tend to serve our customers in the most possible convenient way to shop online by following just a few simple steps of filling out a short form.

We are a leading automotive seller operating in The US  because of the quality of our used gear box.  We provide genuine used car part that is excellent for cars and at reasonable prices. The parts that you buy from us are only original because we pre-verified the products to serve you the best

Used Car Gear Box

The gearbox is an element that enables the torque to change. The gearbox helps the car’s engine to change its speed. The main part of a gearbox is the input shaft/clutch shaft and driving shaft. The gearbox consists of numerous gears which are responsible to maintain the speed. Because it transfers power from the engine to the driveshaft and wheels, the gearbox is sometimes referred to as a transmission system. The engine would stall without an engine. Buy a genuine used car engine from the same production line.

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Types of Used Car Gear Box

Concentric Gearbox

Concentric Gearbox or also known as inline gear drive. A concentric Gearbox is one in which the higher and lower speed shafts are placed on the same verticle and horizontal planes. This allows multiple units to be placed on a single row Because the shafts are arranged in a straight line. The planetary gearbox is also the concentric inline gearbox. 

Parallel Gearbox

Parallel gearboxes are for higher and lower shafts both on the same horizontal plane and parallel to each other. Parallel gearboxes are for high horsepower applications or high torque. This type of gear motor is used to accomplish speed reduction.

Right Angle Gearbox

Right Angle Gearbox The drive shaft and the output shaft are positioned at a 90-degree angle, which distinguishes right-angle gearboxes from other types. The axes might cross on two parallel planes or in a plane depending on the type of gearbox, which causes an axis offset.

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