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Why you need to Buy Used Headlight from us?

Purchase the appropriately used headlight from Craft Auto Parts based on the make and model of your vehicle. We are a 2015-founded online retailer that excels in the used automotive parts market by offering high-quality used headlight for car models. We may send the part to your door using our services. We are renowned for the exceptional quality of our goods and the superior level of our customer support.

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We are a one-stop solution to buy quality used headlight on the most affordable budget. The prices of our products are set as the most reasonable as per the quality of our products because in our process of selling there is no middleman cost our products come straight from the junkyards.

We sell products of different varieties or ranges available at a single spot and select the best and the right fitted used headlight. We tend to serve our customers in the most possible convenient way to shop online by following just a few simple steps of filling out a short form.

We are a leading automotive seller operating in The US  because of the quality of our used headlight.  We provide genuine used car part that is excellent for cars and at reasonable prices. The parts that you buy from us are only original because we pre-verified the products to serve you the best.

Used Car Headlight

Headlights are the necessary components of safety while driving on the road in the darkness and it is very important to always keep them in good working condition. Headlights allow you to clearly see road markings, breakers, signs and unnecessary obstacles. Headlights also help other drivers know that you are coming. The brighter headlight means more visibility and safer drive. Headlights need maintenance or replacement regularly. Get the best quality used headlight at Craft auto parts.

Buy Used Car Parts Which Last

Types of Used Car Headlight


Halogen headlight is made of a glass filament capsule that is incredibly heat resistant, a thin tungsten filament, and a halogen gas. Electricity is passed through the tungsten filament within the glass capsule to make it work. All the vehicles are pre-fitted with Halogen lights for the manufacturing company.

Xenon /HID

Xenon/HID stands for high-intensity discharge. HID/Xenon are better and brighter than the standard headlights. The HID light bulb in an HID headlight is made up of two electrodes and is enclosed in glass. This container is filled with metal salts and xenon gas.


LED headlights are better than other headlights. LED Headlights produce brighter or whiter light. LED lights coverage area is more, it covers more area and visible things more clearly in that area increasing safety while driving at night.

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